Wednesday, October 10, 2012


   If you're into natural building, you have likely heard of adobe, and you have likely heard of earthbags, but you may not have heard the term "hyperadobe."  I stumbled across it a month or so ago while reading about earthbag building, and it's a very cool method of building with earth that combines adobe and earthbag methods.  Here is link to an informative lesson on the method.

   I've also found a supplier of the continuous roll rachel netting required to construct as shown in the above link.  This company is in Canada, and I'm set to order 200 feet of their rachel tubing to do some experiments with.  The problem is that shipping is high from Canada, but if you buy a whole roll it comes out pretty cheaply per foot.  Here's the response I got from

From: Maurice Wilson | BAG Supplies Canada Ltd []
Sent: Thursday, September 06, 2012 8:02 PM
To: Cummings, Colin P.
Subject: Re: raschel tube netting rolls

Hello Colin,

Thank you for your email.  We sell in rolls of 3,200 ft x 16" loose width.  Will stretch to a max width of 20"Colour Orange.  Price in USD$ 241.00 per roll x our store. We await your reply, thank you for now.

Kind regards,

Maurice Wilson.

   More to follow on my hyperadobe experiences.  For now I'm working with polypropylene woven bags, cramming them with my silty-clay soil and any sand I can find.  Brutal labor.


  1. Hi Colin - I'm interested in hyperadobe building as well. How did your experiment go?

  2. Samantha, a lot has changed for me since I was pondering this. I never did get to experiment with it, and won't have the opportunity to do so anytime soon.